Friday, February 11, 2011

Sending SMS in PDU Mode though GSM modem connected with PC Serial Port and operated with PIC Microcontroller model in Proteus VSM

GSM modem may be operated with 'Hayes Programming Language' using 'AT Commands'.AT commands are used for operating GSM modem either when it is physically connected with serial port of PC or with serial port of micro-controller.There are two modes in which a modem can be used to send SMS to any mobile number i.e., Text Mode and PDU Mode.Sending SMS in Text Mode is easier than sending SMS in PDU mode.PDU mode for SMS is supported by almost all mobile devices but text mode for SMS is not supported by all devices.
In this post,it has been shown how a GSM modem,physically connected with serial port of PC, may be interfaced with serial port of Proteus VSM model of PIC micro-controller through COMPIM simulation module for serial port in Proteus VSM.

Figure 1 : Schematic Diagram for GSM Modem Interface in Proteus VSM

The C code for PIC micro-controller PIC18F4520 has been developed in mikroC for PIC compiler.This simulation sends the following text message in PDU mode through GSM modem to a predefined mobile number: "Hello! This is test message from Proteus VSM in PDU mode".
The GSM modem used in this simulation is WismoQuik2403A,which is interfaced with PC through serial port.This modem is shown in Figure2.

Figure 2 WismoQuik2403A GSM Modem

The C code is given below :

C-Code for PIC18F4520 :

The weblink to the file containing C code for this Proteus VSM based Simulation is : C Code for SMS in PDU Mode.


  1. is it possible to receive sms from the phone to the circuit? do i have to encapsulate the data (give it some header or something)?

    1. yes you can receive sms from phone to a circuit,however you need to understand the interface and protocol involved in this can use sms in text mode with adding any header...

  2. can you please give me its hex value and tell me what we have to do if we are using SIM900.

  3. is the code can implement on arduino??

  4. Faizan,what hex value you are talking about?
    I had worked on this application almost three years ago so i need to review everything to answer your queries.
    Read datasheet of SIM900 to understand its technialities...

  5. DeBuMi,I do not know about audrino.However,if hardware inteface is compatible with GSM Modem and it supports some programming language through witch you can send AT commands to modem and also can receive resulting resposne from modem you can interface GSM Modem with audrino too.
    Please tell a bit more about audrino,I guess it is some development kit with proprietery software similar to 'tern' based developments kits